About Our Company and Wholesale Service

We are a high quality Organic Coconut product wholeseller from the Philippines that can give you a competitive advantage on price and quality!

We sell multiple coconut items; here is some information about our process and practices.

Wholesale Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Our Virgin Organic Coconut oil is extracted with time-honored traditions and practices, from the meat of mature coconuts that have been harvested from only the finest coconut trees. Our raw coconut oil is certified organic and traditionally made, which means NO mass-production through the use of machines. A statement that many others within the coconut community cannot make. It is how the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is processed that is the key to optimizing its smooth taste and rich texture, helping give it its deep color and inviting aroma! It’s cold-pressed; giving the Coconut Oil a crystal clear hue and also retaining its full scent. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is scientific grade, unrefined, chemical-free, sediment-free, unbleached, and un-deodorized. Once again, a statement that many of our competitors cannot make!

Wholesale Organic Coconut Flour

Our Organic flour is made with only the finest coconuts and our process allows us to separate the meat from the husk before production, unlike many of our competitors. This means that it’s produced only from the rich hearty meat of the coconut, giving it it’s white glow. Our Gluten-Free Coconut Flour is delicious, safe, extremely healthy, and relatively low-cost. You can’t go wrong!

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