Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Sizes Available: 15-Ounce, 100-Ounce, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, Barrels (42 Gallon)

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is one of the few foods in this world that can be classified as a SUPERFOOD, but really should be in a class all its own! Its incredibly beneficial combination of fatty acids can have a profound positive effect on your overall well-being, both mentally and physically. This includes better brain function, fat loss, and an overall healthier way of life. Often geared more towards the “health-conscious” consumer and constantly trying to battle a “bad reputation“, raw coconut oil has so many incredible benefits that should be enjoyed by all.

Our Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is an edible oil, extracted with time-honored traditions and practices, from the meat of mature coconuts that have been harvested from only the finest coconut trees. Our raw coconut oil is certified organic and traditionally made, which means NO mass-production through the use of machines. A statement that many others within the coconut community cannot make. It is how the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is processed that is the key to optimizing its smooth taste and rich texture, helping give it its deep color and inviting aroma! It’s cold-pressed; giving the Coconut Oil a crystal clear hue and also retaining its full scent. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined, chemical-free, unbleached, and un-deodorized. Once again, a statement that many of our competitors can not make. Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile substances to use in the household with so many incredible advantages.

Due to its high levels of saturated fat, many health organizations advise against the consumption of high amounts of Coconut Oil. When it comes down to it, Coconut oil is truly the healthiest oil you can consume. Not all saturated fats are dangerous, and the ones within Coconut Oil promote health. It is well know, if you have a habit of taking 2 tablespoons every day, you will lose 8 pounds annually. And that is guaranteed! Taking it directly is simple because ours taste like you have just cracked open a fresh coconut. Virgin Coconut Oil is the only oil that doesn’t store in the body like other fats. When you eat Coconut Oil, it doesn’t go through your stomach, it gets directly absorbed into your blood system. It is through the blood system that the raw oil can have such a positive effect on so many places in the body. Virgin Coconut oil is commonly used in cooking and baking, another reason why its high saturated fat content is such an advantage. It cooks very well in high temperatures and doesn’t change into a chemical like most oils. That on its own is much better for your health.

Our coconut plantation has only the finest coconut trees, dropping only the finest coconuts; so in the end only the finest, scientific grade coconut oil remains. Independent laboratory analysis shows that our coconut oil has one of the highest phenolic antioxidants levels. These antioxidants can help starve off infections by killing bacteria, viruses, and various fungi. Coconut Oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids, almost 90% in it being saturated, with powerful medicinal properties. These acids are metabolized differently and can have a very therapeutic effect on multiple disorders. The fatty acids and breakdown products in coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens, increasing overall health and potentially preventing heart disease. It can be used on your skin to prevent wrinkles and also acts as an incredible moisturizer. It is one of the best substances in the world to moisturize your skin and stay wrinkle free.

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